Painkiller addiction is an extremely serious situation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Allowing addiction to pervade over your life or the life of someone you love can lead to a significant deterioration in health, quality of life, and an ability to function and maintain independence in today’s society. There are a number of signs that indicate that you need to get help for your addiction. Realizing these signs and addressing them as soon as possible can protect both you and your family from the harmful effects of addiction.

Depression and Disorientation


The first and most common sign of addiction is depression and disorientation. When you continuously consume painkillers, your body adapts to the drug and develops a constant state of depression and disorientation. You may feel less inclined to do anything but take prescription drugs and sleep. Those who are depressed and disoriented as a result of prescription drugs also tend to detach themselves from the obligations of life, family, and friends. You’ll find yourself becoming more lethargic and dependent upon nothing but painkillers. If you are showing symptoms of depression and disorientation, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Taking Painkillers that are Not Prescribed

Another sign that you may have an addiction and that it may be best to seek help is when you are taking painkillers that are not prescribed or provided to you by your medical professional. For example, if you are seeking painkillers from online sources, friends, or are trying to buy the pills off the street, then you may want to notify your immediate friends and family so that they can help you get the support and attention that you deserve. Taking non-prescribed painkillers can also be extremely dangerous because those who sell them tend to substitute or mix the substance with other drugs, those of which can cause extreme health problems and complications.

Over Reliance on Painkillers

Finally, those who are becoming addicted to painkillers tend to show an over reliance on painkillers. If you have an over reliance, you are likely to take a painkiller for even the most minimal feeling of pains or even if you don’t feel any pain at all. At this stage, you are relying too much on the painkiller and less on yourself to overcome the healing process. Overall, if you think that you are becoming addicted or are addicted to painkillers, seeking out a medical professional can ensure that you get the help and support that you need.