If you’ve recently gone through surgery, have suffered a serious injury, or have some sort of chronic pain, then you most likely are looking for the best way to ease your pain so that you can function properly throughout your day. One of the greatest options to turn to is painkillers. Painkillers are extremely effective in reducing your pain for a number of reasons.

If you’re considering painkillers, then co-codamol is one of the most powerful painkillers on the market. When considering painkillers as an option, most individuals tend to wonder where they can buy co-codamol. Rather than struggle trying to figure it out, below is an overview of your main choices.


If you don’t have a prescription, then you most likely should not be using co-codamol. Co-codamol is one of the most powerful opiates on the market because it is codeine combined with paracetamol. It works by suppressing your receptor cells that are located in your spinal cord and brain. Once the receptor cells are suppressed, your body will feel significantly less pain. The main reason that it is recommended that you only use opiates under the supervision of a medical professional is because opiates can have a potential number of consequences. Only a doctor is able to truly diagnose whether painkillers are best for you.

Another concern is addiction. Painkillers are very addictive. Without medical supervision, your medical professional will not be able to gauge whether you need to continue using the painkillers. Regardless, if you do choose the online route, there are a number of resources you can look through online to find what you are looking for. But make sure you are dealing with a real pharmacy. In the US, this is not possible as online sales of opiate medications are banned. UK regulations are different. In the UK, you can buy co-codamol online from legitimate pharmacies even without a prescription as certain pharmacies have links with online doctors who do an online consultation prior to issuing a valid prescription. Of course, sites where you can buy cocodamol in the UK need to be affiliated with registered EU pharmacies which can only supply co-codamol to patients based in the EU. They cannot send medication to the US or other countries outside the EU.


The safest way to use co-codamol is with a prescription. Prescriptions are provided by doctors because the doctor is the only individual able to adequately know whether the painkiller is best for you and your needs. If you think that you need painkillers, the best thing to do is to be honest with your doctor and to discuss the options. Your doctor will do his or her best to assess the situation and help you get the support for your pain that you need.


Co-codamol and most other opiates are extremely powerful drugs. Taking these drugs can ease your pain for long periods of time. However, you should be aware that the best method for their use is to take them only with medical supervision to ensure that you are using the medication safely.